Ethicality and Ethos

The origin of Great Lengths Hair


Where does Great Lengths hair come from? This question is posed by women all around the world who are considering hair extensions and their ethicality. We are justifiably dubious about the origin, quality and traceability. While most extension companies source and purchase their hair from a third party, Great Lengths chooses to source hair directly to provide the highest quality 100% real Human Hair that is guaranteed to be ethically sourced and traceable, making it unique in the Extension industry.

Great Lengths sources their hair from the Hindu Temple, Tirumala, where the traditional religious ceremony “tonsuring” is practiced. Entire families (men, women, children, grandparents) make the pilgrimage to the temple to voluntarily have their heads shaved. This act of thanksgiving typically takes place before or after a momentous, joyful event.

In order to provide transparency in hair purchasing and processing for our customers, we are the only extension company to employ full time staff based in India to ensure the proceeds from the legitimately purchased hair is funneled directly back into the local community. These monies fund medical aid, education systems and other crucial infrastructure projects.