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Mimi’s Wig Boutique​
7522 Campbell Suite 112
Dallas, TX 75248

Mimi’s Wig Boutique has been compassionately serving the needs of women in the  Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 37 years.  Mimi Vincent, our founder, instilled in each of us the philosophy that “it is important to be experienced, but compassion is our main goal”.  We are endlessly aspiring to have both!  It is with this foundation that we provide an extensive inventory of wigs, wig care products, hats, scarves and head coverings in the latest styles and trends for the needs of every woman.  Our staff of licensed stylists is committed to making each of our clients have a great and personalized experience. Women seek us out at a very vulnerable time in their lives and it is critical that we find them a natural looking alternative to their hair and be caring and sensitive in the process.  It is so rewarding at the moment our clients ‘light up’ with excitement because they feel beautiful, again.   We are privileged to carry the Hair U Wear products and are honored to have been chosen as the National Retailer of the Month.